Production Federation

Identity Providers: IdP

Number of IdPs: 259

Organization Name Region IdP Category Date of Approval
Hokkaido University Hokkaido university 2010-03-16
Asahikawa Medical University Hokkaido university 2010-11-04
National Institute of Technology,Kushiro College Hokkaido technical college 2012-01-18
Kitami Institute of Technology Hokkaido university 2012-02-28
Sapporo Medical University Hokkaido university 2012-09-28
National Institute of Technology,Tomakomai College Hokkaido technical college 2013-07-25
National Institute of Technology,Hakodate College Hokkaido technical college 2013-12-09
National Institute of Technology,Asahikawa College Hokkaido technical college 2013-12-26
Sapporo Gakuin University Hokkaido university 2014-07-23
Muroran Institute of Technology Hokkaido university 2014-11-26
Future University Hakodate Hokkaido university 2015-10-20
Hokkaido University of Education Hokkaido university 2017-07-26
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Hokkaido university 2019-03-01
Sapporo City University Hokkaido university 2019-11-01
RAKUNO GAKUEN UNIVERSITY Hokkaido university 2019-11-29
Otaru University of Commerce Hokkaido university 2019-12-06
Yamagata University Tohoku university 2009-11-05
Miyagi University of Education Tohoku university 2013-01-23
National Institute of Technology,Ichinoseki College Tohoku technical college 2013-12-10
National Institute of Technology,Hachinohe College Tohoku technical college 2013-12-18
National Institute of Technology,Sendai College,Hirose Tohoku technical college 2014-01-16
National Institute of Technology,Akita College Tohoku technical college 2014-01-21
Tohoku University Tohoku university 2014-03-07
National Institute of Technology,Tsuruoka College Tohoku technical college 2014-03-10
National Institute of Technology,Fukushima College Tohoku 2014-03-14
National Institute of Technology,Sendai College,Natori Tohoku technical college 2014-04-02
Tohoku Institute of Technology Tohoku university 2015-02-05
Akita University Tohoku university 2015-02-27
Hirosaki University Tohoku university 2015-03-05
The University of Aizu Tohoku university 2015-04-14
Akita International University Tohoku university 2016-02-04
Fukushima Medical University Tohoku university 2016-10-24
Tohoku Gakuin University Tohoku university 2018-09-12
Miyagi University Tohoku university 2020-06-11
Iryo Sosei University Tohoku university 2021-02-24
Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University Tohoku 2021-04-21
National Institute of Informatics Kanto research institution 2009-01-28
Chiba University Kanto university 2009-11-09
University of Tsukuba Kanto university 2010-04-08
Seijo University Kanto university 2010-05-25
Toho University Kanto university 2010-06-30
Nihon University Kanto university junior college 2010-09-10
Rikkyo University Kanto university 2011-02-07
Meiji University Kanto university 2011-03-25
Yokohama National University Kanto university 2011-11-29
Tokyo Medical and Dental University Kanto university 2012-09-28
National Institute of Technology Kanto technical college 2012-10-12
Tokyo Dental College Kanto university 2013-03-12
Showa University Kanto university 2013-03-14
NTT Medical Center Tokyo Kanto others 2013-03-21
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Kanto university 2013-03-27
Soka University Kanto university 2013-03-29
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science Kanto research institution 2013-04-05
Shibaura Institute of Technology Kanto university 2013-05-24
Tokyo Gakugei University Kanto university 2013-06-20
Musashi Academy Kanto university 2013-08-21
Chiba Institute of Technology Kanto university 2013-09-18
Tama University Kanto 2013-11-13
Ochanomizu University Kanto university 2013-11-20
National Institute of Technology,Tokyo College Kanto technical college 2013-12-03
Gunma University Kanto university 2013-12-26
National Institute of Technology,Oyama College Kanto technical college 2014-01-06
Keio University Kanto university 2014-02-24
National Institute of Technology,Gunma College Kanto technical college 2014-02-27
Dokkyo Medical University Kanto 2014-02-27
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Kanto 2014-02-28
National Institute of Technology,Ibaraki College Kanto technical college 2014-03-24
The University of Electro-Communications Kanto university 2014-03-24
AFFRIT/MAFFIN Kanto research institution others 2014-04-07
National Institute of Technology,Kisarazu College Kanto technical college 2014-04-25
Chuo University Kanto university 2014-06-12
The University of Tokyo Kanto university 2014-08-11
Tokyo Denki University Kanto university 2014-10-09
Seikei University Kanto university 2014-12-02
Teikyo University Kanto 2014-12-10
Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences Kanto university 2015-02-27
Tokyo Kasei University Kanto university 2015-03-04
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Kanto university 2015-03-17
Tokyo Metropolitan University Kanto university 2015-08-03
Tokyo Institute of Technology Kanto university 2015-08-21
Tsurumi University Kanto university junior college 2015-09-04
Ibaraki University Kanto university 2015-11-17
National Institute for Materials Science Kanto research institution 2015-11-19
Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences Kanto university 2015-11-24
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Kanto university 2016-01-21
Yokohama College of Commerce Kanto university 2016-06-01
Komazawa University Kanto university 2016-06-24
National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology Kanto research institution 2016-08-05
Ryutsu Keizai University Kanto university 2017-01-12
Kanagawa University Kanto university 2017-04-10
IDE-JETRO Kanto research institution 2017-05-16
Senshu University Kanto university 2017-05-22
Tokyo University of the Arts Kanto university 2017-09-01
Aoyama Gakuin University Kanto university 2017-09-20
Tokyo Online University Kanto university 2018-03-16
Saitama University Kanto university 2018-05-09
NTT Medical Center Tokyo Library Kanto 2018-08-20
Meiji Pharmaceutical University Kanto 2018-09-05
Daito Bunka University Kanto 2019-02-12
Kiryu University Kanto 2019-02-18
International Christian University Kanto university 2019-04-05
Waseda University Kanto 2019-07-04
RIKEN Kanto research institution 2019-10-31
J. F. Oberlin University Kanto university 2019-11-26
Jichi Medical University Kanto university 2020-01-21
Meisei University Kanto university 2020-04-28
Research Organization of Information and Systems Kanto 2020-08-06
TOKAI UNIVERSITY Kanto university 2021-02-26
Mie University Chubu university 2010-08-16
Shinshu University Chubu university 2011-05-18
Nagoya Institute of Technology Chubu university 2011-06-29
University of Yamanashi Chubu university 2011-09-06
National Institute of Technology,Suzuka College Chubu technical college 2012-03-29
Toyohashi University of Technology Chubu university 2012-12-05
National Institute of Technology,Fukui College Chubu technical college 2012-12-05
Shizuoka University Chubu university 2013-01-08
CHUBU UNIVERSITY Chubu university 2013-05-07
National Institute of Technology,Nagaoka College Chubu technical college 2013-09-05
National Institute of Technology,Numazu College Chubu technical college 2013-11-28
National Institute of Technology,Nagano College Chubu technical college 2013-11-29
National Institute of Technology,Ishikawa College Chubu technical college 2013-12-10
National Institute of Technology,Toyama College Chubu technical college 2014-01-09
National Institute of Technology,Toba College Chubu technical college 2014-01-21
National Institute of Technology,Gifu College Chubu technical college 2014-01-21
Sugiyama Jogakuen University Chubu university 2014-01-23
National Institute of Technology,Toyota College Chubu technical college 2014-03-19
Nagoya University Chubu university 2014-04-30
Aichi University of Education Chubu 2014-06-17
Joetsu University of Education Chubu university 2014-07-02
University of Fukui Chubu university 2015-02-16
Gifu University Chubu university 2015-09-08
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Chubu university 2016-03-23
Aichi Institute of Technology Chubu university 2016-12-06
Nagaoka University of Technology Chubu university 2017-02-15
Niigata College of Nursing Chubu university 2017-07-14
National Institute for Fusion Science Chubu research institution 2017-08-16
CHUKYO UNIVERSITY Chubu 2017-10-24
Niigata University Chubu university 2018-03-22
Fujita Health University Chubu university 2018-07-10
Kanazawa University Chubu university 2018-12-17
Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University Chubu 2019-03-08
University of Toyama Chubu 2019-03-29
Institute for Molecular Science Chubu research institution 2019-06-17
Tsuru University Chubu university 2019-08-30
Asahi University Chubu university 2020-03-19
Yamanashi Gakuin University Chubu 2020-08-06
Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology Chubu university 2021-02-12
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Chubu university 2021-02-26
Nagoya Gakuin University Chubu university 2021-03-17
Kyoto University Kinki university 2009-11-19
Kyoto Sangyo University Kinki university 2011-02-03
Kobe University Kinki university 2011-04-13
Nara Institute of Science and Technology Kinki university 2012-04-04
Nara University of Education Kinki university 2012-05-14
Ritsumeikan University Kinki university 2012-08-07
Kansai University Kinki university 2012-10-12
Osaka Kyoiku University Kinki university 2012-10-23
Kyoto University of Education Kinki university 2012-11-07
Kyoto Prefectural University Kinki university 2012-11-27
TEZUKAYAMA UNIVERSITY Kinki university 2013-03-04
CCC-TIES Kinki others 2013-05-07
Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences Kinki university 2013-08-05
National Institute of Technology,Maizuru College Kinki technical college 2013-10-30
National Institute of Technology,Wakayama College Kinki technical college 2013-12-10
National Institute of Technology,Akashi College Kinki 2014-01-30
National Institute of Technology,Nara College Kinki technical college 2014-06-03
Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Kinki university 2014-08-19
Shiga University of Medical Science Kinki university 2014-08-29
Kobe Tokiwa University Kinki university 2014-10-15
Osaka City University Kinki 2014-10-27
Doshisha University Kinki 2014-10-30
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Kinki university others 2015-02-05
Otani University Kinki university 2015-03-04
Ryukoku University Kinki university junior college 2015-03-16
Nara Women's University Kinki university 2015-07-13
Osaka University Kinki university 2015-08-19
Osaka Aoyama University Kinki university junior college 2015-11-05
Kindai University Kinki university 2017-05-02
Kyoto Institute of Technology Kinki 2017-05-02
Momoyama Gakuin University Kinki university 2017-10-26
Kobe City College of Nursing Kinki university 2018-12-04
University of Hyogo Kinki university 2019-05-07
Wakayama University Kinki university 2019-07-29
SHIGA UNIVERSITY Kinki university 2019-12-17
Kyoto Bunkyo University Kinki university junior college 2020-01-15
Osaka University of Economics Kinki university 2020-02-06
KONAN UNIVERSITY Kinki university 2020-08-05
Kwansei Gakuin University Kinki university junior college 2021-02-15
Otemon Gakuin University Kinki university 2021-05-14
Professional College of Arts and Tourism Kinki university 2021-05-21
Hiroshima University Chugoku university 2010-01-22
Okayama University Chugoku university 2010-12-27
Hiroshima City University Chugoku university 2011-09-29
Hiroshima Institute of Technology Chugoku university 2012-03-12
Hiroshima Shudo University Chugoku university 2013-10-03
National Institute of Technology,Oshima College Chugoku technical college 2013-11-20
National Institute of Technology,Kure College Chugoku technical college 2013-11-29
National Institute of Technology,Hiroshima College Chugoku technical college 2013-12-09
National Institute of Technology,Yonago College Chugoku technical college 2013-12-10
National Institute of Technology,Tsuyama College Chugoku technical college 2013-12-18
National Institute of Technology,Ube College Chugoku technical college 2014-02-17
National Institute of Technology,Tokuyama College Chugoku technical college 2014-02-24
National Institute of Technology,Matsue College Chugoku technical college 2014-03-24
Tottori University Chugoku university 2015-03-20
Shimane University Chugoku 2015-07-09
Okayama Prefectural University Chugoku university 2015-07-31
Prefectural University of Hiroshima Chugoku university 2016-03-23
Sanyo-Onoda City University Chugoku university 2017-07-26
Yamaguchi University Chugoku 2017-09-20
Okayama University of Science Chugoku university 2019-12-02
Fukuyama University Chugoku university 2020-12-25
Fukuyama Heisei University Chugoku university 2021-01-12
Tottori College Chugoku junior college 2021-03-19
Ehime University Shikoku university 2012-03-16
Tokushima University Shikoku university 2013-10-03
National Institute of Technology,Kochi College Shikoku technical college 2013-10-30
National Institute of Technology,Kagawa College Shikoku technical college 2013-10-30
National Institute of Technology,Yuge College Shikoku technical college 2014-02-06
National Institute of Technology,Niihama College Shikoku technical college 2014-02-06
National Institute of Technology,Anan College Shikoku technical college 2014-03-14
Kochi University of Technology Shikoku university 2015-03-16
Naruto University of Education Shikoku 2015-05-12
Matsuyama University Shikoku university 2016-09-20
Kochi University Shikoku university 2017-12-28
Kagawa University Shikoku 2018-02-05
Saga University Kyushu university 2010-04-16
Kyushu Institute of Technology Kyushu university 2011-01-25
Kyushu University Kyushu university 2011-02-18
University of Miyazaki Kyushu university 2011-11-15
University of the Ryukyus Kyushu university 2013-05-14
National Institute of Technology,Kitakyushu College Kyushu technical college 2013-08-19
Fukuoka Institute of Technology Kyushu university 2013-08-21
Kumamoto University Kyushu university 2013-10-30
National Institute of Technology,Oita College Kyushu technical college 2013-10-30
National Institute of Technology,Sasebo College Kyushu technical college 2013-11-29
National Institute of Technology,Kagoshima College Kyushu technical college 2013-12-03
National Institute of Technology,Kurume College Kyushu technical college 2013-12-25
National Institute of Technology,Miyakonojo College Kyushu 2014-01-06
National Institute of Technology,Ariake College Kyushu technical college 2014-01-21
National Institute of Technology,Kumamoto College Kyushu technical college 2014-02-06
National Institute of Technology,Okinawa College Kyushu technical college 2014-06-16
Kyushu Sangyo University Kyushu university 2014-10-29
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University Kyushu university 2014-12-04
Nagasaki University Kyushu university 2015-03-27
Seinan Gakuin University Kyushu university 2015-08-21
Oita University Kyushu university 2015-09-17
Kagoshima University Kyushu university 2017-02-13
National Institute of Fitness and Sports in KANOYA Kyushu university 2018-02-09
University of Teacher Education Fukuoka Kyushu 2018-03-22
University of Nagasaki Kyushu university 2018-10-22
Okinawa International University Kyushu university 2019-03-01
SOJO University Kyushu 2019-03-20
Kurume Institute of Technology Kyushu 2019-04-19
Meio University Kyushu university 2020-03-19
Prefectural University of Kumamoto Kyushu 2021-01-18
Okinawa University Kyushu university 2021-01-22
KAGRA Others research institution others 2020-03-18
Hiroshima International University Others university 2021-04-20